Our Team

We are a unique team of developers, designers, trainers, data scientists, business analysts, content and media professionals. Our diversity is one of our strengths. We will provide a bespoke service for your project, selecting our most suitable experts.

Director @ Flax & Teal ltd

Phil Weir

Back End Developer

Phil is the Director of Flax & Teal, a company founded specifically to work on open source and open data projects. Phil is an experienced scientist and web developer, having a PhD in Python-based mathematical simulation and professional experience in web development and numerics for the web.

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Director @ MN Tech Ltd

Martin Naughton

Front End Developer

Martin runs MnTech, a UK consultancy operating in the IT sector advising companies on project implementation. He works with large multinational companies, particularly on projects involving Open Data. Marty is articularly interested in the potential of Open Data to promote environmental and Sustainability issues.

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Director at Alderhill Digital

Alan Stirling

Training & Software Tester

Alan’s company, Alderhill Digital, is an industry-focused training provider and recognised vocational training centre. He has in-depth experience of providing upskilling in technical and semi-technical topics, running both courses and day sessions.

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Director @ Glaze Digital

Mark Kelso

UX Lead & Product Manager

Mark is a director at Glaze Digital, he has 7 years’ experience in design & development and focuses on User Interface Design. He has worked with companies such as the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and InvestNI to help deliver clear, concise user experiences.

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Owner  @ HE Earley Ltd

Helen Earley

Content Writer & Communication

Helen is a producer and content creator, working in multiple informative media. She has extensive experience, locally and internationally, working with video and broadcast media, particularly in media production and development. Helen has worked on projects for BBC (UK), RTE (IE) and PBS (US).