Avata has been working with a world leader and early innovator in mission-critical sensors and controls.

The client was moving from traditional networked embedded systems and embracing Cloud technologies

It was looking for software architects and developers with the right expertise and cultural fit for a business critical software development project.

It wanted to develop a scalable IoT application to track assets and support various business units.

The Problem

The client had not developed a solution in Microsoft Azure cloud before. With a small existing team they were investigating how the cloud could be managed and interact with their IoT devices. The team was testing Proof of Concept cloud solutions with their customers and exploring how to use the cloud. The client had an idea of high-level project deliverables but was unsure of what the project scope would look like.

Its internal team was under-experienced to deliver the mission critical software project with its large requirements list, multiple workflows, and tight deadlines. Successfully growing the team by traditional recruitment would be time consuming, expensive, and also very challenging, in a tough recruitment market.

How Avata Helped

Avata provided:

  • a skilled team, which, importantly, had worked together successfully on various similar projects previously.
  • the expertise to build an IoT platform that was scalable, maintainable and could work with the clients different workflows. Avata was able to advise on the platform, as well as develop it along with the existing team
  • a UI designer to rapidly design a User Interface that incorporated requirements and stakeholder suggestions (reducing development time and changes).

Avata worked closely with the client to truly understand their vision. The team was then able to define the scope and the resources needed to deliver successfully within agreed deadlines. Because Avata embraces an Agile methodology, there was always an opportunity to refine and re-prioritize as the project progressed – critical if the dynamic demands of the modern business world are to be met.


Within agreed timescales and budget Avata developed a scalable IoT application to track 50,000 assets and support 35 different organisations.

As Avata works with Open Source technologies the client can scale the solution across its customers around the globe and across industries in a cost and time effective manner (Multi Tenancy).

Avata also actively shared knowledge and ideas so the client’s internal teams have the information they need to keep the project running smoothly.

“We needed to build – not to hire. We could not have recruited and on-boarded a team to deliver this level of quality in anywhere near the same amount of time that it has taken Avata to bring systems live and add huge value.

They are upskilling our internal teams so they can continue to maintain the project after Avata has completed it.

Avata was the smartest possible way to acquire a high-performing team, access niche skills, and develop our own capabilities.”