Meet the team

Digital Surge is a fully funded programme for eligible organisations from any sector, including; manufacturing, tradeable services, retail, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, construction and social enterprises. You just need an open mind to how advanced technologies can pivot your business model!

Martin Naughton

Martin runs Galvia Digital, a UK consultancy operating in the IT sector advising companies on project implementation. Martin has experience with training, both in academic and industry clients. He works with large multinational companies, particularly on projects involving Open Data. Martin is particularly interested in the potential of Open Data to promote environmental and sustainability issues.

Phil Weir

Phil Weir is founder and director of Flax & Teal Limited, and is focused on open technology and its ability to transform business and society, through efficiency and interlinking. We have data and development experience in web technologies and numerical simulation, primarily with backend services, alongside cloud (Kubernetes, AWS) and systems administration.

Simon Whittaker | Vertical Structure

Simon has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, and co-founded Vertical Structure in 2006. He has extensive experience helping companies understand how to grapple with the challenge of protecting themselves from threats and helping clients find solutions to their cyber security problems.

Gillian Conlan-O’Leary