Our Capabilities

We offer expert-led solutions, drawing from our unique combination of skillsets. Our capabilities span a range of specialties:

  • Technical: product development, user experience and visual design.
  • Qualitative user research: focus groups, product testing and piloting.
  • Business management: business process mapping and analysis.
  • Content creation: website, social media, and publicity materials.
  • Product training: training and documentation for your finished product.

Engineering Mathematics

♦Finite element analysis

♦Simulation engineering

♦Computation fluid dynamics

♦Fluid-structure interaction

♦Numerical coding


Azure IoT; Amazon IoT; Lorawan; LPWAN; Sigfox; LTE.


Apache; AWS; Azure; Docker; EKS; GCP; GitLab CI; Helm; Kafka; Kubernetes; Microsoft VMs; Nginx; Redis; Terraform; Zookeeper.


C++; C#; CSS; Fortran; HTML; Java; JavaScript; Python; PHP; R; Rust; SPSS

Cyber security

Specialities include:

♦Security & penetration testing of Web applications

♦Security & penetration testing of Mobile applications

♦Securing Azure, AWS, Office365 & Google Suite environments.

Open Source Based Projects

At the core of Avata is open source – all of our consortium work involves some element of open source creation or improvement. We consider it to be the most effective, and only long-term competitive, economic model for software.

What is open source?
It takes the business focus off the computer code we create, returning to the basis of all craft – we put our value in our services, our expertise and our knowledge. A modern paradigm in IT has been building products and charging services based on reinventing the wheel for each customer – it’s their IP but only once they have paid for something that has been written 10,000 times from scratch to do an identical job.